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Blog for May: Internship, Volunteers, Tardigrades, Porsches, and Dogs Smelling Cancer

Challenge: Millionaire Tardigrade, Posh Tardigrade

Maecenium has just lunched the challenge in order to rebrand tardigrades, raise awareness about them and raise funding for research. Have Fun! Read more —>

Millionaire Tardigrade

Echiniscoides sigismundi, Largest Tardigrade (1.5 mm)

Echiniscoides sigismundi is a marine Tardigrade that is the largest (up to 1.5 mm). This species lives among barnacles and it’s a herbivore Read more —>

Largest Tardigrade, Echiniscoides sigismundi

How Tardigrades Mate? It’s an Odd Ritual

Up until 2016, it was not completely clear how Tardigrades (water bears, moss bears) mate. Today we know that there are two ways, depending of species. Read more —>

Mating in Tardigrades

What do Tardigrades Eat? Moss, Algae, Rotifers and Nematodes

Different species of Tardigrades (water bears, moss bears) prefer different types of food, including mosses, algae, nematodes (worms) and Rotifer Read more —>

What do Tardigrades Eat

How to Hire a Scientist – Ask a Scientist  – Very Easy

Maecenium will help you fining a Scientist who could try solving your problem, the same way it was already done in Renaissance era Read more —>

Hire a Scientist

Small Grants for Science, Find your Maecenas – Maecenium

Present your problems as Maecenas (Patrons of Science) or present your solutions as Scientists and we will help you with small grants for science Read more —>


 Watch.ID, Amazing AI Tool for Watch Identification

We tested Watch.ID, AI app that helps you identifying watches. Old, new, vintage, generic or iconic, it recognized all 20 watches we tested! Read more —>

Watch.ID, AI for watch identification

Can dogs smell cancer? Sure they can, and other animals too!

Prostate cancer can be detected reliably, by using electronic noses with sensors and analyzing data using PCA. Dogs can certainly smell cancer too. Read more —>

dogs can smell prostate cancer

Great Free SEO Spider, SEO Audit, Website Audit Tool

After trying at least 20 tools for SEO / Website audit, I found “Screaming Frog”. It’s comprehensive, easy to use and relevant program that you install Read more —>

screaming frog SEO

How to pronounce Porsche: Porsch-E, Porsch, or Prsch-aaaah?

The correct way (German way) to pronounce the word “Porsche” is to use “E” (as in Elephant). Thus, not Porsch nor Porsh-aaah, it’s PorschE Read more —>

How to pronounce Porsche

How to Read Research Articles for Free, by using Sci-Hub

Detailed guide how to gain access to research articles for Free. The secret is to use Scholar.Google, find DOI number, and download from Sci-Hub Read more —>

Library of Alexandria, futuristic vision

5 Great Reasons for Remote Internship and Volunteering

Join Maecenium where brilliance matters more than experience. Pitch your idea to founders; if it’s valuable, you’re hired! Read more —>

Futuristic vision of Renaissance, poster 1

New Species of Tardigrada (water bear) from British Columbia

Despite being fascinating creatures, only a handful of people is researching Tardigrade. New Species were recently found, in British Columbia.  Read more —>

New species of Tardigrada, discovered in 2024

Guest Blogging Website. 3 Good Reasons why you should do it

Join Maecenium as a Guest Blogger & share your expertise. Quality posts only. Gain backlinks & potential funding. Your words can create miracles!  Read more —>

Guest blogging for science

Grants for Science, short, efficient and lean approach

Maecenium recognizes the importance of diverse funding sources. We advocate for lean, impactful projects—big discoveries at minimal cost. Read more —>

Grants for science, from Maecenium, scientific nonprofit organization

Graphic design internship remote, at Maecenium, summer 2024

Calling talented graphic designers for internship! Your designs will be seen by thousands. Gain experience, recommendation, & backlinks. Apply now! Read more —>

Graphic designer remote internship

Remote Marketing Internship. Real Problems, Real Duties

Maecenium is offering Remote Digital Marketing opportunities for the summer of 2024. You will be given real tasks and real challenges  Read more —>

Futuristic vision of Renaissance, poster 1

Social media marketing internship remote, summer of 2024

At Maecenium, a scientific nonprofit, prioritize real-world impact over social media. Join remote internship for hands-on experience & mentorship. Read more —>

Social media marketing internship

Volunteer opportunities Houston, for Scientific Nonprofit

Spread the word and collaborate on science, philanthropy, or art. Scientific nonprofit is offering volunteering in Houston. Read more —>

Volunteer opportunities Houston

Maecenium – Houston Nonprofit for Science

Houston: a city of vast opportunities and scientific brilliance. Join our nonprofit that unites Maecenas, Scientists, & truth-seekers worldwide! Read more —>

Houston Nonprofit for Science

Maecenium – Science Nonprofit Organization

Maecenium, born from seasoned scientists, aims to unite Maecenas and scientists, to propel civilization forward. Join us in the New Renaissance! Read more —>

Houston Nonprofit for Science

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