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Different approach to scientific funding

New Renaissance

The idea of Maecenium is to recreate the same approach that excelled scientific revolution during the Renaissance.

At the present moment, Scientists, Maecenas (Patrons of Science) and Enthusiasts are inhabiting completely different niches, leading to a stalemate.

Let us summarize:

  • Maecenas do have wealth. However, they don’t have access to what is possible in scientific realm
  • Scientists can have grants that are worth millions. However, they often cannot afford any funding to side projects. In other words, Scientists cannot afford funding for their curiosity

The idea of Maecenium is to bring them together.

If you have a problem, or vision, and you are willing to fund it, you will be close to immortality, because your name will be remembered as Maecenas.

If you are a Scientist, and you have meaningful, clear idea that you could turn into reality – we will help you find your Maecenas.

Application forms are very short and simplified, and it will take you about 15 – 30 minutes to fill them up and receive small grants for science.


Join Maecenium today!

Embark on the journey of scientific Renaissance, where the convergence of curiosity, wisdom and innovation ignites a profound transformation in our understanding of the Universe.

The First Call for Scientific Grants is Open!

Deadline for submissions: 06.06.2024.

Choose your role for our New Renaissance Mission


Maecenas, Patron of Science, provides funding and conveys the idea to Scientists

Renaissance Scientist at Maecenium

Scientist, presenting own idea to Maecenas, or providing the solution to Maecenas’ problem.

Renaissance Supporter of Science, at Maecenium

Supporter, spreads the word about the mission, and provides inspiration for Scientists

How to donate and support science

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