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3 Good Reasons why You should become our Guest Blogger

Guest blogging for science, tech, art and craftsmanship

At Maecenium, we believe in miracles. Especially in miracle that more can be produced by the act of sharing. This is certainly true for knowledge.

This is why we are calling you to join us as a Guest Blogger.

If you want to do guest posting, keep in mind that the only criterion is quality. Low or medium quality posts will not be accepted, because we believe that your knowledge is valuable and unique. We want to learn something from you, and to make long lasting and productive relationship with you.

1. Personal Recognition

If you are an expert in your field and you want to get space to express your idea, try to find connections, or to get feedback from your peers, being a guest blogger is a natural opportunity.

You can write about anything if you have a sufficient expertise. Maybe you want to tell the world about new methodological approach in molecular biology, or about new mathematic algorithm. Maybe you want to discuss about medical research. We would be also interested to learn something about technology, from electronics to racing cars, or new materials.

Even if you have an interesting hobby, or you are a craftsman, you can still share something valuable for us. If you know everything about maintaining old watches, or about polishing wood the same way it was done 200 years ago – tell the world about it.

2. Getting Backlinks

Getting backlinks (also called dofollow links or dofollow backlinks) pointing to your website will help your ranking.

Not citing the source is seen in scientific community as borderline stealing. This is why you will certainly be given a link to your own website if you join us as a guest blogger.

3. You could earn a grant

This website is intended for Maecenas and Scientists. If your idea is intriguing for some Maecena, and worth pursuing, you could get funding, almost effortlessly.

The best blog post that you could write for Maecenium should include a paragraph that clearly describes what would you need to turn your idea into something tangible, into something real.

If you ask, there is a chance that your words could create a small miracle and become materialized.

Although we don’t use social networks, we would be happy if you share this page to LinkedIn, Research Gate, Facebook or Instagram, and call your friends and peers to join us.

Leonardo Da Vinci writing for a Guest Blogging Website

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