Social media marketing internship, remote, at Maecenium

Science of the people, for the people

Opportunity to practice the craft of Social Media Marketing

A different view on Social Media Marketing

At Maecenium, scientific nonprofit organization, we don’t focus on social networks, at all.

It’s our opinion that building followers is a difficult discipline, especially in 2024, decades after social networks peaked in their popularity.

The second challenge related to social media is even more troubling: what is the exact purpose of having 10.000 followers or 100.000 followers, if you don’t have tangible products you can sell to them?

This is why we decided to ask young people, with fresh perspectives and ideas, to test their abilities in real world.

If you are interested in doing social media marketing internship remote – join us.

In the past, we have tried some approaches, and we can certainly teach you what not to do, and we also have strategy for you that could lead to success.

At the end of your internship, you will get recommendation letter, that will hopefully contain some objectively measurable parameters of success.

Social media marketing internship remote, at Maecenium

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