Remote Marketing Internship. Real Problems, Real Duties, Objective Results

Science of the people, for the people

Opportunity to practice Digital Marketing

Open call for fresh digital marketing ideas!

Maecenium is a recently opened nonprofit organization dedicated to advancement of science.

Our main goal is to bring together Maecenas (patrons of science), Scientists (to solve the problems) and Supporters, people who will help the word spread.

In order to achieve that, we will need a strong and sustainable marketing strategy.

It’s a challenging task to enter the arena with established institutions with long tradition, including Universities with seemingly limitless budgets. And yet, we know from our previous life experience that even with no budget at all, you can achieve more than large companies with billions.

remote marketing internship, at Maecenium

Do you know who produces the fastest electric car on Earth? It’s not Ferrari, nor Tesla, nor Toyota, nor Porsche… It’s Rimac, once upon time a small company from Croatia I once visited as a young tourist. What I have seen there, has inspired me to believe that unimaginable can become possible.

Seeing is believing, thus it’s not my empty blind faith that a lot can be achieved with limited resources.

If you want to your digital marketing internship remote: this is your chance!

Step 1, making “dofollow links”

Start with getting dofollow links, perform task of adding the website to each and every dark corner of the internet.

And once you see that it gained almost negligible results…

Step 2, optimize SEO

Optimize our SEO, find new niches and keywords with high volume and low competition, play around with Semrush

And once you see that it gained almost negligible results…

Step 3, You will be ready for the real digital marketing.

I hope that you have learned something new from this incredibly short post.
Join us, and let’s make some magnificent buzz together.

Join Maecenium today!


Embark on the journey of scientific Renaissance, where the convergence of curiosity, wisdom and innovation ignites a profound transformation in our understanding of the Universe.

The First Call for Scientific Grants is Open!

Deadline for submissions: 06.06.2024.

Choose your role for our New Renaissance Mission


Maecenas, Patron of Science, provides funding and conveys the idea to Scientists

Renaissance Scientist at Maecenium

Scientist, presenting own idea to Maecenas, or providing the solution to Maecenas’ problem.

Renaissance Supporter of Science, at Maecenium

Supporter, spreads the word about the mission, and provides inspiration for Scientists

How to donate and support science

You can choose one time donation, or recurring, monthly donations

Or you can support us by buying something on Amazon or eBay, and we will get affiliate earnings.

Simply follow the link, and buy anything you wish.