How to pronounce Porsche: Porsch-E, Porsch, or Prsch-aaaah

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Learn how German people pronounce the word “Porsche”

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Besides the main goal of Meacenium, which is to accelerate the development of science, we are also dreaming about changing the mindset of general public, making them more thirsty for knowledge, more curious and more educated.

This is why besides scientific posts, there will be numerous posts about how to be more knowledgeable about little, mundane things.

Although you might think that you should not be judged by other people, it’s a fact of reality that you will be, and leaving an impression of poorly educated and willfully ignorant will not be beneficial to the perception people have about you. Many things are highly correlated and hearing that you don’t care to learn what the name of your car is implies recklessness in all other areas of living and conducting business.

There is no excuse having a beautiful car, with legacy longer than 100 years, and not knowing how to pronounce its name correctly, while the internet is omnipresent and while a random polite German person is 2 clicks away.

Porsch? So far, so good, just keep going…

The first part of the name is correct, Porsch in German = PorSH in English.

So, what’s the problem with –E? It’s pronounced “E” as in “Elephant”.

If you decide to say “Porsh”, it means that you are pronouncing a German car as if it’s French, because in French, “E” without accent is silent.

The most famous French word “Le” is actually just “L”.

By saying “Porsh”, your listener automatically knows that you don’t speak German, nor French, and there is an implication that you have no idea that Germany and France are two different countries and that Porsche is made in Germany. As you can imagine, the Hell brakes loose, and instead of being seen as successful and sophisticated, you will be seen as snobbish, at best.

Please don’t say Porsh-aaaahhh

Now, Porsh-aaaaaaauuuuuhhhh. Before watching Friends and hearing Jenifer Aniston telling Ross that it’s a Porsch-aaaaauuuuuh, I have never heard any European, ever saying “ah” when it’s clearly written “e”.

I’m glad that you learned something today, so you can avoid being seen as willfully ignorant person.

If you own a Porsche, learn how many cylinders your engine has and how those are arranged. Trust me, you will use 100% of credibility once you say it’s a V6.

As a bonus, I will share the video of a German person properly pronouncing German Car Brands.

P.S. Be(st)-Em(irates)-We(st) sounds 100 times better than Bee-Em-Double You

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