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Maecenium – Science Nonprofit Organization born in Houston

Houston is a City of endless opportunities. It’s metro area has a population of a small country, while the GDP exceeds 500 Billion Dollars, which is comparable to GDP of Belgium. Houston is a world-known center of medical and scientific excellence, where 26.000 Scientists live and work. It’s also a center of cultural and artistic life, with its museum and galleries.

However, unless you have spent enough time living in Houston and discovering hidden gems and well-kept secrets, you might get a very different overall impression.

You could leave with a bitter feeling about the city with poor infrastructure, bumpy roads and crime stats that would give you chills.

In order to present Houston in better light and further help advancement of science, we have decided to create a unique non profit organization that has a mission to bring together philanthropic Maecenas, devoted Scientists and Enthusiasts who cherish the ideals of Truth, Wisdom and Beauty.

Open Call for Maecenas, Scientists and Enthusiasts

We have open calls for all the people, either located in Houston, or across the globe, to submit their original ideas, to solve the submitted problems, and do something deeply meaningful and quintessentially noble.

Forms are short and easy to fill, thus – what are you waiting for?

Share your vision with the world, or donate to support meaningful projects.

Houston Nonprofit for Science

Join Maecenium today!


Embark on the journey of scientific Renaissance, where the convergence of curiosity, wisdom and innovation ignites a profound transformation in our understanding of the Universe.

The First Call for Scientific Grants is Open!

Deadline for submissions: 06.06.2024.

Choose your role for our New Renaissance Mission


Maecenas, Patron of Science, provides funding and conveys the idea to Scientists

Renaissance Scientist at Maecenium

Scientist, presenting own idea to Maecenas, or providing the solution to Maecenas’ problem.

Renaissance Supporter of Science, at Maecenium

Supporter, spreads the word about the mission, and provides inspiration for Scientists

How to donate and support science

You can choose one time donation, or recurring, monthly donations

Or you can support us by buying something on Amazon or eBay, and we will get affiliate earnings.

Simply follow the link, and buy anything you wish.