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Why creating a Science Nonprofit Organization

Maecenium – Science Nonprofit Organization

Maecenium is an idea that was conceived in 2022, by the group of experienced scientists with backgrounds in academic and industrial research.

We all came to conclusion that there is a missing cohesion element that would bring together all the participants together, to share their vision, and and leverage each other’s unique strengths.

At one point, we started making the analogy with pre-renaissance time, and the problems seemed familiar, and relatable with the current zeitgeist.

The First Renaissance was possible because there were three classes of people united in desire to accomplish the goal and advance the science:

Maecenas, Scientists and Artists working together for science nonprofit organization


The first class was comprised of Maecenas, powerful and influential Patrons of Science, people with vision and well-articulated ideas.

ased on the financial support that is provided to US based nonprofit organization, there are certainly some Maecenas today, because combined annual budged of 501(c)3 organizations exceeded 2.5 Trillion Dollars. To put this number into perspective, this amount is comparable to annual GDP of Russia, or combined GDP of about 10 East European countries.

We honestly believe that such potential should be channeled into force that moves the civilization forwards.


The second class necessary to start the New Renaissance is the class of Scientists. Approximately 1% of the population is capable of producing innovations, meaning that we have millions of potential Scientists. The fundamental problem for many of them, especially those who are hired by industry or those who are located in developing countries, is that funding is very, very restricted. In practice, this leads to absurd situations in which a Scientist can purchase a Million Dollar worth machine, but simultaneously cannot engage in a simple transaction to get a custom-made part, or a chemical that costs 100 dollars.

This is why curiosity is suppressed, and what is a science without curiosity?

This is why we want to bring together Maeceans and Scientist under the scientific nonprofit organization. By providing direct contacts, direct links, the process of making discoveries becomes streamlined.


The final, third ingredient for Renaissance is Art. Art and beauty, something that turns facts and observations into awe and wonder. Once upon time, that role was given to Artists, while today, in digital age, Artist is also an influencer, a photographer, or a story teller.

Presented approach makes Maecenium unique. We are scientific nonprofit organization, and also science education nonprofit that wants to advance the science by directing Professional Scholars, Scientific Enthusiasts and Future Generations.

Now that you understand our vision, join us, and become a part of the New Renaissance.

Join Maecenium today!


Embark on the journey of scientific Renaissance, where the convergence of curiosity, wisdom and innovation ignites a profound transformation in our understanding of the Universe.

The First Call for Scientific Grants is Open!

Deadline for submissions: 06.06.2024.

Choose your role for our New Renaissance Mission


Maecenas, Patron of Science, provides funding and conveys the idea to Scientists

Renaissance Scientist at Maecenium

Scientist, presenting own idea to Maecenas, or providing the solution to Maecenas’ problem.

Renaissance Supporter of Science, at Maecenium

Supporter, spreads the word about the mission, and provides inspiration for Scientists

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