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Rebranding Tardigrades

Tardigrades are not just “tough”

If you want to learn about Tardigrades, you will keep finding the same curiosity facts including those that they can survive for 100 years if dried (probably not completely true, as they require special conditions), that they can survive in space (alongside other animals), that they cannot be destroyed by radiation (true, if dry, but everything that can be dried is immune to radiation) and that’s pretty much it.

I can add that they produce incredibly pure superoxide anion radical, implying that they somehow can het rid of hydroxy radical (unlike any other animal), and I can tell you that you can destroy them by adding the water too quickly?! Yes, the toughest animal on Earth, the one that can survive space… Cannot survive rain?!

Tardigrade Challenge!

Thanks to Photoshop and advances in AI image generation, everyone can participate in a funny challenge with the goal to rebrand Tardigrades, raise awareness and get funding for Tardigrade research, because the process is relatively inexpensive, while the grants are prioritizing more urgent research topics.

Think about Tardigrades, what is their true nature?

Tardigrades has been here for half a billion years, they have life experience.

I see them as billionaires, because many of them do live in the gardens of billionaires and who knows how many undiscovered species there are.

Imagine Tardigrades as sophisticated, posh organisms with good manners and great stories to tell.

Play with Photoshop, Play with AI, and Make some MEMES :)

Share them all over the internet (Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Linked-in…), and help us collect donations for research

This will be EPIC!

Millionaire Tardigrade
Posh Tardigrade
Tardigrades eating Rotifers

Learn More About Tardigrades:

Before you go and start playing with Photoshop and AI, read more about Tardigrades and get some additional inspiration

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