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Once your website is finished, you will become anxious, wondering if it is good enough, is it responsive enough, is it acceptable to represent you in online space.

The very next day you will start looking for the best tool

…and about twenty other tools, only to become disappointed after realizing that all of them require payment it order to become fully functional.

The prices are high, fetching more than 100 dollars per month, while you can barely comprehend what they do and how you should be using them properly.

After testing 5 different free tools, I asked Reddit what I should do with the results, because all five of them gave me different advices and ranked my website anywhere between “F” and “97%” (whatever that means).

It is also worth mentioning that all 5 tools gave me very dramatic warnings regarding all sorts of things that are beyond mundane.

Free, Old-School Alternative

At one point, I found an old-school software, and the only reason I installed it was its name “Screaming Frog” :)

How to refuse it?

Once the software is downloaded and installed (God I miss the Old Days…), all that is needed is to paste the address of your website and the audit will begin.

It requires 4 Gb of memory, thus make sure that your C: disc is not full.

The report is simple, well-structured and easy to read.

screaming frog SEO

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