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Small and Big Grants for Science

Current ways of funding science

At Maecenium, we have noticed that scientific funding in the United States and Europe is fundamentally different, reflecting life philosophy typical for these two cultures.

While in America the national motto is “go big or go bust”, in Europe, the main ideal is to achieve something brilliant with almost no resources.

This ethos is visible in small grants for science, usually awarded by professional societies.

I can highly recommend two of them: European Biophysical Societies’ Association (EBSA) and Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS)

The main idea is to have lean, simple documentation for the project proposal (not longer than 10 pages).

The project should be highly original, low-cost and high-impact. It should combine unique methodology with original experimental object.

By adopting such approach, breakthrough discovery can be made for the price of a solid monthly salary in the United States?!

Grants for science, from Maecenium, scientific nonprofit organization

We understand that in America it is expected to have a team of 50 people. However, the reality is that a handful of experts who are focused can achieve the same, or even more.

Ford was not able to produce LeMans winning car. Their immense budget and hundreds of engineers could not beat Ferrari. Instead, it was achieved by Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby. If you have not watched, Ford v Ferrari is an excellent movie.

Similarly, if you want to make a breakthrough in molecular biology or biochemistry, maybe you just need to send 1 (one) single brilliant mind to a dedicated lab and let them do wonders.

We are encouraging you to apply for conference travel grants, or travel grants for graduate students. In the ideal scenario, you would be attending the conference, and while in new environment, you could extend your visit and do some experiments that can lead to publications or that will create a snowball effect and foster future collaboration.

Call to Maecenas and Scientists

So, Maecenas, if you have an unsolvable problem, tell us about it and we will find you Scientists.

Scientists, if you have a brilliant idea, tell us about that, and we will find you Maecenas.

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Deadline for submissions: 06.06.2024.

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